Mask It or Casket album artwork

Mask It or Casket

Our debut EP with 4 unrelenting punk tracks and a couple twists and turns along the way. Streaming everywhere now!


  1. Everything's Alright Chiseled Lilies Spotify 3:39
  2. Real Chiseled Lilies Spotify 1:32
  3. Gaslight Chiseled Lilies Spotify 2:00
  4. Hostages Chiseled Lilies Spotify 1:56
  5. Antidote Chiseled Lilies Spotify 2:37
  6. Cattle Shoot Chiseled Lilies Spotify 4:20
  7. Another Day Chiseled Lilies Spotify 3:04


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Chiseled Lilies are a 3-piece punk band based in Reading, PA. With heavy influences in punk rock, grunge, and hardcore, their music is loud and in your face. Distorted guitar riffs, crunchy bass tones, and powerful drums drive their dynamic songwriting. Fast songs and intense vocals intertwined with melodies and breakdowns meld influences of old and new school punk and hardcore.

Dan Hauk — guitar, vocals
Patrick Schneider — bass, vocals
Warren Weik — drums