About the Band

Band members standing in front of wood paneled wall

Chiseled Lilies are a punk rock band based near Reading, PA. The three-piece band features Dan Hauk (guitar/vocals), Patrick Schneider (bass/vocals), and James Lang (drums/backing vocals). With heavy influences in punk rock, grunge, and hardcore, their music is loud and energetic. Distorted guitar riffs, crunchy bass tones, and powerful drums drive their dynamic songwriting. Intense vocals hearken back to the early days of punk.

Formed in 2017 as a 4-piece band playing covers for fun with an occasional gig, they lost their second guitarist/vocalist in Spring 2018 due to a job relocation. Shortly after, the 3 remaining members decided to start writing original music. Their debut single, Antidote, and follow-up 7″ EP, Cattle Shoot / Another Day, are self-recorded and produced. Due to conflicting schedules and location, the drum tracks, guitar tracks, and vocals were all recorded separately and sent via email to be mixed and mastered. It was released in November 2018.

Dan Hauk

Patrick Schneider

James Lang

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